Sinister LogoNow this is a decent trailer. It delivers up the right amount of plot, hints at some very nasty goings-on and gives us a few disturbing images to go home with. Sadly it has such a forgettable name – it least Insidious was a nice plummy word which bounced off the tongue and made you look and sound insidious as you said it. Sinister… ok, well if you say so.

Rather than being presented as your average camcorder film Sinister has some literal found footage in the attic of a house which unleashes something very nasty. This trailer works exceptionally well considering that we’ve seen almost everything here before but if your blood isn’t chilled by the last few seconds then it’s doubtful you’re actually alive.

Ethan Hawke is the family man whose discovery unleashes not-so-merry hell and there’s something in here which brings to mind an episode of the Masters of Horror series from a few years ago, Cigarette Burns, directed by John Carpenter and written by Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan. The connection here is Ain’t It Cool, for whom Sinister writer C. Robert Cargill and McWeeny contributed. I loved that particular episode and will always find affinity for the power of the moving image, malevolent or otherwise.

Here’s the trailer,

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