News broke today that Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups would be premiering at the 2015 Berlinale, and as if to underline the point the first trailer was released today.

With The Tree of Life and To The Wonder Malickites have been spoiled recently and it’s good to see that the director is showing no signs of slowing.

Much as Cronenberg is doing with his late-Hollywood period, the spin of the stars and the haul and sway of celebrity is on Malick’s mind here. The trailer does a fine job of showing Christian Bale’s character heads over heels in a no-tomorrow life of excess with the glimpse of the sober alternative. The moments where he, like Brad Pitt’s character had moments of in The Tree of Life, marvels at the life and presence of a child but there too lie responsible monsters.

Early morning arguments and criss-crossing relationships look set to play out. There are moments of discovery hinted at and spirals of denial. Whoever cuts Malick’s trailers (and you can’t imagine he lets anything go out without his say so) knows how to carve out a deep level of interest packed into two minutes.

I want to see Bale and Blanchett fight it out, and Portman fall in love and the whole sorry mess blow up. Because I’m a fan of Malick’s work and few directors have such a distinct style any more. Sign me up – see you in Berlin.

Here’s your trailer,