The cinematic thrall of Kevin Costner may have had its heyday in the 1990s but he’s managed to maintain a body of work that may not have had the visibility of his glory years yet still allows him to keep his hand in.

His role in in John Wells’s feature debut The Company Men alongside Ben Affleck and Tommy Lee Jones, which showed at Sundance last month, garnered a positive response and we’ve learned a little more about his next project.

Today Variety are reporting that Costner has secured funding and is about to cast a dream project of his, A Little War of Our Own, which focuses on a sheriff in World War 2 trying to maintain control over a town rapidly falling into chaos.

Armyan Bernstein, the producer and long time Costner collaborator, was quoted,

“This has been a dream project for Kevin and I for years,” Bernstein said. “The themes are timeless — war, peace and reconciliation. The canvas is epic — look at the movies Kevin has directed.”

Costner will star and direct, his first dual role since 2003’s Open Range, and the script is being written by Dan Gordon.