Has anyone else noticed that the Disney marketing machine is in full on force at the moment?  Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is released in UK cinemas this Friday, then we have some Toy Story 3  & Sorcerer’s Apprentice action in the summer, a bit of Tron at the end of the year and then next year is looking bright with news of a Cinderella movie, National Treasure 3, Pirates 4, and then the smaller movies like Secretariat and all the Marvel movies that they will now have a vested interest in since they bought the company.

I don’t know what it is but they really seem to have their finger on the pulse. ComingSoon.net managed to catch up with director, Jon Turteltaub at the Prince of Persia LA premiere and asked him about National Treasure 3. According to the man who brought us the two previous movies, he’s hoping for a release around Christmas 2011.

I think we start shooting late fall, early winter. Hopefully that’s the goal and I think it will come out Christmas 2011. That’s assuming everyone is available, the script is good and I haven’t thrown a tantrum.

Jon goes on to talk about working with Nicolas Cage and even mentions that he think The Rock (my favourite film) would make an awesome sequel. If ever I get to meet Mr. Turteltaub, I’ll be asking a lot more about that one followed up by the question, please can you convince Jerry Bruckheimer to do it! Actually, do I a sequel…… hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Head over to ComingSoon for more. Turteltaub also directed Sorcerer’s Apprentice which is out in August in the UK.