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While we all anxiously wait for the second season of Daredevil to reach Netflix early next Spring, thank goodness we have Jessica Jones to take us through the Winter. While the character may not be as well known as the Man Without Fear, her small screen debut on the online streaming service is easily as highly anticipated, and here you will find out why.

Whether you’re on the fence about why to watch (were the overwhelmingly positive reviews not enough?) or curious about what to expect, we’ll take you through the most compelling reasons you should be shutting the blinds, turning off your phone, and binge watching the entire first season this weekend. Yes, Jessica Jones is yet another hit for Marvel Studios.

Don’t worry, there aren’t any spoilers here. Instead, these are simply the most compelling reasons to head to Netflix and check it out…

10. Luke Cage

Luke Cage

For years, fans have been hoping to see Luke Cage in live-action. Everyone from Terry Crews to Idris Elba has expressed their interest at one time or another, but rather than taking on a starring role on the big screen, the Hero for Hire first plays a key role in Jessica Jones before moving on to his own series (which is currently shooting).

Mike Colter plays the character here, and while that name may not jump out at you like those mentioned above, trust me when I tell you that he’s perfect in the role. If there’s one thing Marvel gets right, it’s casting, and both Colter’s portrayal and chemistry with Krysten Ritter offer up a very compelling reason to watch Jessica Jones, especially given the history of their comic book counterparts.


9. It’s A Comic Book TV Show With A Female Lead

Jessica Jones 1

The title obviously gives this away, but seeing as both Marvel and DC have only one female led superhero movie on their current slates, it’s undeniably significant that Jessica Jones has happened.

After all, that didn’t look set to be the case for a number of years, with another version – A.K.A. Jessica Jones – in development at ABC alongside a Hulk project which was also scrapped. Jessica Jones now joins Supergirl as one of only two female led superhero TV shows, but they really couldn’t be any different.

They’re both great, but Jessica Jones is more grown up, dealing with mature content which ends up making this less of a superhero TV show and more of a drama which just so happens to include powers.


8. It’s Basically A 13-Hour Movie

Jessica Luke

This could be said for many of the shows which debut on Netflix, whether we’re talking about House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, or Narcos. However, those are episodic in nature despite an overall narrative, and while you could very easily enjoy a single instalment of Jessica Jones, it’s very much a series which should be binge watched.

Like Daredevil before it, it’s essentially a 13 hour movie for this character, and while watching them all back to back for that length of time is something of a challenge, you’ll be hard pressed not to want to, especially if the first seven episodes are any indication. The Marvel movies are great, but I’m honestly beginning to wish that they would all end up on this online streaming service…

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