Another former 80’s big screen box office star (now at home on the TV screen) could be joining the sequel to this summer’s surprise money-making action flick, The Expendables.

Charlie Sheen (who judging from recent reports, appears to have enough demons to keep Buffy in employment for decades to come) has been mentioned as possibly playing the part of a has-been CIA operative who joins the gang on the hunt for villain (rumoured to be played by Bruce Willis). Sylvester Stallone has obviously been drawn to casting Sheen after remembering his award-worthy turn as reckless hotshot Lt. Dale Hawkins in seminal 80’s action classic Navy Seals.

The actor is apparently due to reprise his role in the third sequel to another 80’s favourite, Major League, when Two and a Half Men finishes filming for the season.

What next? The second instalment of buddy cop flick The Rookie, where Sheen has to bust original co-star Clint Eastwood out of a retirement home to crack one last case?

Watch this space.

News courtesy of Comic Book Movie