First time director Antony Petrou has wanted to make a film about the murder of teenager Zahid Mubarek for many years. He spoke to us about why it was so important to bring such a story to the screen, and what he hopes the long term impact of the movie will be.

In 2000, the nation was rocked by the death of Zahid Mubarek, a youngster from Walthamstow. He was just about to be released from Feltham Young Offenders Institute and had promised to turn his life around having been imprisoned for the theft of some razors. Zahid had complained about the behaviour of his new cellmate, Robert Stewart, a known racist who due to a series of blunders and general ignorance had been placed in the worst possible place.

Antony also spoke about how he is working with Zahid’s family to ensure that no other family suffers in the same way again. Events around the world, prove how depressingly timely this film still is.

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