Whether it was a clever move to jump on the Green Lantern bandwagon or a cunning plan to undermine the, toxic as it turns out, critical appraisal of the superhero film Disney’s new trailer for the forthcoming Muppets movie is yet another example that you don’t need to drench a familiar property in CG to get our attention.

Continuing their tradition of aping popular films, and if you haven’t seen the previous trailers click here and here to enjoy, Kermit and Co. take on DC comic’s latest big screen hero and it’s not hard to believe the reports that this trailer is more enjoyable than Martin Campbell’s film. They’ve also gone and done a new poster too. Top darts.

Here’s the trailer and the poster. Bask in the glory of the Muppets why don’t you?

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUUcOmgYEhY’]