Well, this could go either one way or the other…..

Young UK writer Marie Phillips’ comedy novel about Ancient Greek Gods living in modern-day Hampstead, Gods Behaving Badly, is heading for the big screen, albeit in a different setting.

The story is being transposed from that London location to the US, where Zeus and Co. will be mingling with mere mortals on the streets of New York City. The fish out of water scenario features a human couple (to be played in the film by Alicia Silverstone and Ebon Moss-Bachrach) who come into contact with the assortment of gods (to be played by the likes of such heavyweights as Christopher Walken, John Turturro, and Edie Falco) who have been stripped of their deity-like powers and are all are now forced to work in menial jobs, such as phone sex operators and dog-walkers.

Production begins this July in New York, and it sounds like the makers have a real challenge on their heads to make this work, but with such a strong cast (Oliver Platt, Sharon Stone and the long-time AWOL Rosie Perez are also on hand to play the immortals) it may turn out to be far from  a Greek Tragedy.

Stroy via Movieline.