A remake of the famed 1947 comedy, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, has proved a tough nut to crack in Hollywood for some time. Director Ron Howard toying with the idea for years, and even Jim Carrey’s name was bandied around back then. Now it seems the project is back on track with another comedian spearheading it.

News from Twitch has Ben Stiller down for the lead in the story of a mind-mannered husband who conjures up five heroic and whimsical daydream adventures to escape the mundane tasks he has to undertake to appease his pushy wife. No news yet on any other casting, but the studio behind the film (20th Century Fox, who scored big with both of Stiller’s ‘Museum’ films) is looking at a potential January 2012 start date.

It’s also being reported that Stiller himself will be helming the pic. Although he has proved himself to be perfecting adept at directing big Hollywood productions in the past, this project may have been interesting if it had instead been offered to the young filmmaker whose film was recently co-produced by Stiller’s company, and someone that could potentially work wonders with the material, Submarine’s Richard Ayoade.