Harrison Ford as Han Solo in Star WarsWhen news broke that Disney were eating up LucasFilm and spitting out a new trilogy of Star Wars films there was the sound of a million fans crying out in wonder and expectation.

It was among the biggest news we’ve covered and for many of us personally it was a sign of hope that the Star Wars we grew up with would be back.

Now JJ Abrams has been confirmed as director, Michael Arndt will be writing this sh*t, but not saying it, we’re starting to hear more about who may be returning from the original trilogy.

It’s been known since the buyout that George Lucas met with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher with a view to getting them on board for the, at the time highly secret, new films. The missing link in the trio was Harrison Ford, though he did say he was open to it.

El Mayimbe from Latino Review dropped the news on an interview with Fox News Latino in which he confirms the Ford will return as Han Solo in the new Star Wars film.

It’s not official yet but Latino Review knew their stuff, and there’s no reason in the world to doubt their story. It’s a great scoop and hopefully we’ll see official confirmation from Disney soon.

What we won’t see is the amount of money they’ve agreed to pay Ford to reprise his role but if any private islands are bought up in the next few months then it’s a good bet that it’ll be him.

Hopefully we’ll hear confirmation about this news and other cast members, returning or otherwise, in the next few months. For now let’s think good thoughts about this news.

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