We’ve seen a handful of things for Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess’ next film, Upside Down, most recently including the stunning first trailer at the very start of this year.

Director and co-writer Juan Diego Solanas makes his English-language debut with what promises to be a fantastic sci-fi film different to most others we can look forward to this year.

“Upside Down tells the story of two star crossed lovers Adam (Sturgess) and Eve (Dunst) separated by opposite worlds, one up and one down, but both just out of reach of the other.  The special effects appear stellar in the sample stills below, however we can’t wait see a clip from the film where the fantastical opposite worlds will actually be brought to life.”

We’re still yet to hear anything about a possible release date, so for now, this is one to make a mental note of, and be sure to keep firmly in your mind as something you should watch out for this year. As soon as we know more, you’ll know more.

The premise sounds brilliant, and Sturgess and Dunst are of course both fantastic choices, so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them opposite each other in this. As usual with this wonderful new Russian poster, you can click to enlarge.