Regulars to FrightFest, directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch have announced details of a film they are collaborating on, a horror anthology film entitled ‘Chillorama’.

In a recent interview with the wonderfully titled Dog Ate My Wookie, Green answered the question as to what he was doing next with this cryptic note,

Yeah, there’s also that side project with those other guys.  Guess we should announce that soon, huh?

And today was that day. Craig Skinner, our man knee deep in the FrightFest effluence, called me a moment ago to deliver these choice morsels of info on the project.

Green, whose Hatchet 2 had its world premiere at the horror film festival in London this weekend, announced that the top secret project would be be based around the last night of a drive-in cinema and feature four films from Green, Frightfest cohort Joe Lynch, Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan.

The drive-in is owned by a character named Cecil Kaufman, who decides to go out with a bang and play, as Green described it,

the most f****d up movies he can.

Green’s segment of the anthology is to be titled The Diary of Anne Frankenstein, and will feature Kane Hodder as the monster. Joe Lynch will direct Zombie Movie, a 70s/80s tinged zombie movie which has the tagline of ‘When there’s no more room in Hell, the Dead will f*** the Earth.’ Charming.

More details on this one as they emerge – Craig said there was a chance they’d get to see Green’s short at the festival today, so we’ll update with a report should that happen.