Previously titled The Guys Who Move Furniture, Trailer Park Boys’ creator/director back behind the camera this year with Moving Day – a slightly less bland re-titling.

Will Sasso (the upcoming The Three Stooges) stars in the lead, alongside Victor Garber (Alias), Charlie Murphy (Night at the Museum [and Eddie’s brother]), and comedian Gerry Dee.

Alliance Films have released the first trailer, giving us our first look at what so far seems to be a bit of a tame workplace comedy – it has nothing on, say, Office Space or Clerks.

“From director Mike Clattenburg (Afghan Luke, The Trailer Park Boys) comes the new workplace comedy, Moving Day starring Will Sasso (The upcoming Three Stooges movie, TV’s $#*! My Dad Says). Clyde (Sasso) was in a rut. Overworked and underpaid, he was struggling to make ends meet and starting to feel like a failure. But a new day has arrived for Clyde at Redmond’s Furniture and with the help of a few of his ex-con, womanizing and boozing co-workers, Clyde is ready to take on his neurotic boss and whatever else stands in his way. Moving Day also stars Charles Q. Murphy (Night at the Museum), Emmy Award winning Victor Garber and acclaimed comedian, Gerry Dee.”

No word yet on when it will be released, but I’m guessing it could be looking at an exclusively Canadian theatrical run from Alliance. See if you agree.

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