Mel Gibson has been having rather a torrid time of it recently. There was that whole recorded message swearing down the phone, then a couple of weeks ago things were looking up as he got a part in The Hangover 2 only to find out a couple of days later that he’d been dropped from the project. Then of course there was that time he was seen running around with a beaver attached to his arm…. oh wait, that was for a film?!!

Mel Gibson has a movie coming out called The Beaver which is directed by Jodie Foster. You might remember the photos that we put up ages ago which showed him running around LA with a beaver attached to his arm. There’s currently a conference going on in the US called American Film Market (AFM) where many studios are showing previews of movies and showcasing new marketing material. Well, ComingSoon are there and snapped this photo of the first poster for The Beaver.

The movie also stars Jodie Foster, Anton Yelchin, Jennifer Lawrence, Riley Thomas Stewart, Paul Hodge and is scheduled for release February 11th.

Rough Synopsis: A guy walks around with a puppet of a beaver on his hand and treats it like a living creature!