Below, thanks to Twitch Film, you can see the first official artwork for the live action version of the Korean animated giant robot film Robot Taekwon V. This artwork comes from the official site which has recently launched and can be found here.

This live action version is directed by Won Shin-Yeon and has been in production for a long time apparently originally intended for release in 2009.

If you are not familiar with the original Robot Taekwon V (Voltar the Invincible, as it was known in the US), it is a giant robot film from 1976 that focuses on a young Taekwondo champion who controls a robot and fights off the robot creations of the evil Red Empire. The show was heavily influenced by the Japanese series Mazinger Z and was incredibly successful in Korea.

The movements of the robot in the original are based around those of Taekwon-do and judging by early leaked test footage the makers of the live action film are going to great lengths to ensure the robot’s movements match those of real Taekwondo moves.

I’m a sucker for giant robots kicking the hell out of eachother and after the dull and lifeless waste of time that was Transformers 1 and 2 I’m looking forward to a fresh take on the ‘live-action’ giant robot film.

Click on the picture below for the full high res version and let us know what you think.


Robot Taekwon V