We’ve seen a few intriguing teasers, but now HBO have released the first full-length trailer for the fifth and final season of Boardwalk Empire. The fact that the series is coming to an end is obviously very disappointing, but the team working on it were given plenty of notice, so we can at least look forward to a proper finale.

It was recently revealed that the final season will jump ahead seven years, a possible sign that creator Terence Winter had a lot more story to tell had he been given the chance. It should be a fascinating setting regardless.

The jump means that the final run of Boardwalk Empire episodes will likely take place around the time of The Great Depression, and if it is around 1931, that’s about two years before the end of Prohibition and, thus, the end of Nucky Thompson’s biggest source of income, and a good point for the series to end.

It was also during this time that Al Capone’s time as one of Chicago’s top crime lord’s came to an end, so there will be a lot of very interesting real-life history to explore during this period as well.

We get a lot of hints about all of this in the following trailer, and things don’t look good for a number of fan favourite characters, including Nucky. Boardwalk Empire is set to return to HBO in September and based on past experience, it shouldn’t be too long before it reaches the UK via Sky.