In the age of Thrones, it’s easy to forget that HBO have more than fire and ice in their arsenal, and as of today six shooters and whiskey are back on the menu.

Westworld has returned, and in advance of the season premiere we were given the chance to sit down with series regular Rodrigo Santoro, the man who plays the wild world’s most handsome villain.

Rodrigo Santoro  Westworld Season 2At least, he’s a villain in terms of who his park character is supposed to be; Hector, the anti-hero in black, designed to shoot up the saloon and steal the safe. But as we discovered last season, the safe is empty. So for Hector to derive some purpose from an existence he barely understands, he must rely on the enlightened Maeve (Thandie Newton), as the pair undertake a journey of (largely self) discovery.

Despite being overwhelmed by his charm and extreme-level handsomeness, we managed to hold it together for an extensive chat, with Santoro indulging us to talk about his methods for playing an android, what he knows about his season two character arc (spoiler – not a lot!) and revealed, unsurprisingly, that the actor he’d most like to spend more time with on the show is Ed Harris.

Westworld returns to Sky Atlantic and NowTV at 9pm on April 23.