As you may have seen, I wasn’t the biggest fan of John Carter which made interviewing its Director, Andrew Stanton a challenge. As a general rule, interviewing people at a junket is a fairly simple, and rather enjoyable task. Even if I’ve not particularly enjoyed the movie in question (which happens more often than I’d like) it’s still possible to develop a rapport, and have a discussion about specific aspects of the film. In spite of the sense of disappointment I felt when I watched John Carter, the history of the project is so fascinating, and the effect the source material has had on cinema so far reaching, I believed this would be the case when I spoke to director Andrew Stanton.

During the interview we spoke about the impact John Carter might have had, had it been the first animated film released, the difficulties of making an original movie when so many concepts are familiar to the audience, and the development process Disney use in their animation department. Or at least, I did. Stanton… didn’t

The interview is below. Check back later in the week for a similarly odd conversation with Willem Dafoe.

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