Deadpool helmer Tim Miller has kissed and made up with 20th Century Fox after pulling out of directing its sequel due to “creative differences” by coming on board the studio’s adaptation of Neuromancer.

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Based on the classic cyberpunk novel by William Gibson, Neuromancer follows Case, a hotshot data-thief whose nervous system is crippled by some former associates he ripped off. No longer able to access cyberspace, he’s given a second chance when he’s approached to work for a mysterious colonel who offers to repair Case if he agrees to handle a secret mission and destroy an unthinkably powerful artificial intelligence orbiting Earth. Of course, in order to ensure that Case does his bidding, the colonel implants a slow-acting poison in his brain to keep him in line and assigns a street samurai named Molly to watch his back.


Miller is currently supervising the writer’s room on the new Terminator movie and is working with Fox on the development of another adaptation of Daniel Suarez’s novel, sci-fi thriller Influx with a view to turning the novel into a movie trilogy. Influx is a story which focuses on Particle physicist Jon Grady and his team when they achieve a major breakthrough: a device that can reflect gravity. Their research will revolutionise the field of physics. But at Grady’s moment of triumph, his lab is locked down by a shadowy organisation whose mission is to prevent the social upheaval caused by sudden technological advances – advances they use to retain total command.

It’s very early days for Neuromancer and as yet, no screenwriter has been found to adapt Gibson’s novel but The Martian producer, Simon Kinberg is already attached in the producer’s chair. There has also been no news on any names expected to join the cast on the sci-fi project.