danny boyleFresh from his Oscar grabbing success story that was the sublime Slumdog Millionaire, Variety are reporting that Danny Boyle is collaborating with scriptwriter Simon Beaufoy once again to tell the story of Aron Ralston for his next film, titled 127 Hours.

The true story is as far removed from the riotous, colourful multitudes of Mumbai as can be, and the change of direction can be seen as a deliberate choice by Boyle, who re-teams with Fox Searchlight, his partners on Slumdog.

Aron Ralston spent nearly five days with his arm trapped under a boulder following an accident during a climb in Utah in mid 2003. Seeing no other way Ralston amputated his arm with a knife and then made the harrowing journey back to civilization and rescue.

It is a truly amazing story and whoever Boyle recruits to play Ralston he will need to have an enormous presence as he will be tasked with carrying the film in its entirety.

More news as we get it, Danny Boyle is an exceptionally gifted film maker whose craft and energy is thrilling to witness. Filming is due to take place next year.