HeyUGuys were lucky enough to speak to Daniel Stamm at a roundtable junket  today. Stamm is in London to promote The Last Exorcism which premiered last night at Frightfest. Stamm directed The Last Exorcism which was written by Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland and produced by Eli Roth.

Although unable to talk too much about what he was working on next Stamm did tease what it might be. Here are the main details he revealed.

My next project is a supernatural thriller and it’s not going to be shot in documentary style…

One of my favourite filmmakers in the world, whose a legend, is producing it…

…an idea of his that another writer is writing and I’m going to direct. It has a twist in the ending, without giving away who it is.

Stamm also let everyone at the roundtable guess as to who the producer may be and the names suggested were Ridley Scott, Christopher Nolan, M. Night Shyamalan and David Lynch (my suggestion, mostly based on wishful thinking). He then confirmed that one of the guesses was correct but would not reveal which one.

Reflecting on his comments and after a little digging it seems like a reasonable guess, considering the details Stamm revealed, that he will be directing M. Night Shyamalan’s next ‘The Night Chronicles’ project. The first of Night Chronicles film is Devil, which is released in two weeks in America.

As reported by Deadline in June Shyamalan has signed a deal to make “one film a year with up and coming filmmakers”, the first of which is Devil. The second looks set to be Twelve Strangers which Deadline also report is written by Buried screenwriter Chris Sparling and has the following premise:

…a thriller that involves a jury deliberating a case involving the supernatural.

An official press release is imminent and we will report back with further details and whether this speculation is correct as soon as we can.