GhostbustersGhostbusters 3 has been plagued by delay after delay, but leading man Dan Aykroyd promises that the film is very much still being developed.

We recently heard that the film is set to revolve around some new research being done by particle physicists at Columbia University. Whilst speaking to Digital Spy, along with discussing his involvement in the vodka business, Aykroyd has further teased a few more plot details, and discusses his wish to have sections of the film in 3D.

In terms of the overall direction of the project, he encourages us to “think Star Trek,” another franchise so impressively rebooted in recent years by the ever-brilliant J.J. Abrams.

“We’re going to concentrate on the new,” he said. “I can’t drive that Cadillac, my character Ray Stantz: one eye is out, I’ve got a hip that’s gone, a knee, I can’t lift the Proton pack anymore. We need new blood to take over… we need four to five to six new Ghostbusters.”

And speaking about wanting to make some of the film in 3D,

“I don’t think it’ll be exclusively 3D because it can work without it. When you’ve got all the stream and the hardware we’re building, wow!

“With regards to 3D – the new stuff will totally lend itself to 3D. Picture slime coming out and splashing people in the audience. That’s where we’re heading and it’s going to be very visual and exciting in all its forms.”

It sounds like the script is still in the development stages, with Aykroyd not settling on a number in the interview below for how many new recruits will be joining the team. So if you were expecting shooting to get underway soon, I think we might still be a little way away from that. But the project is clearly still alive and well, and given how far graphics and special effects have come since Ghostbusters II back in 1989, you can’t help but think that Ghostbusters 3(D) is bound to be very visually impressive.