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The path of Community has been a tough one. It quickly established itself as a very funny ensemble sitcom with a wicked twist of the surreal seemlessly thrown in; it benefited from a series of outlandish, always heartfelt, odd couple relationships, a talented cast,  and strong guidance from showrunner Dan Harmon.

As the show developed it created its own Communiverse, with its own meta within meta references and playful parodies of our parallel world – who wouldn’t wish to sit down with Troy and Abed for a Kickpuncher marathon or a binge of Inspector Spacetime? The heady whirl of diegetic cultural currency, the lightning-flash attacks on the fourth wall, and Harmon’s commitment to, and understanding of, essential story structure, made it a joy to watch.

Community - Chaos Theory

Likewise the love triangle between Jeff, Britta and the wonderful, wonderful Dean has taken us through naked pool matches, a soul-wrenching karaoke duet and a number of secret trysts. Each one is a delight.

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Community is one of the most beloved and unpredictable shows in recent years. It’s wish-fulfilliment with a few healthy dives into the collective subconscious. But as I said, it’s had a difficult time of it.

The jettisoning of Dan Harmon and much of the original writing team for Season Four took the show down a strange path.  When the show was cancelled after Season Five (and after Harmon and Co. had returned) the show was saved for its most recent season by Yahoo, so far the biggest investment by the fledgling broadcast arm.

The bloom on Community’s rose is that it is exactly that. The internet has been extremely warm towards to show, and the show reflects this. Thanks to the wash of social media we are all thrown in together with unruly personalities and unlikely bedfellows. Not only does the clash of cultures and sensibilities make for great comedy there is fertile ground for the self-discovery and emotional epiphanies so necessary in making a good show truly great.

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Today, as the Sixth Season hits the streets (ahead) on DVD we want to give you a few moments from the entire six seasons (and a movie…well, maybe). There are many, many, more joyous moments which you’ll discover as you plunge into the series but it is most definitely worth your time.

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community 6


Here we go, our favourite moments, starting with a Golden Girl.

Betty White raps – Anthropology (Season 2, Episode 1)

Troy and Abed with a wooooman (you’ll have the tune for that if you watch the show) – keen not to miss a moment of screen time the Community credits often contain a  wonderful coda, mostly unrelated to the episode which preceded it.

One of the most memorable of these sequences is the one above. The set up of Community allows guest stars to appear as Faculty members and they certainly know how to use them. This is also at the point when Troy and Abed had become an early highlight of the show.

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