First impressions of The Maze Runner can be deceiving. Wading through the glut of YA-focused dystopias can be a trying task with little to separate one from the other; the current state of hyperbolic buzz is a blessing and a curse. From this first look at a clip from the forthcoming adaptation of The Maze Runner we seem to be in safe hands and in for something special.

We were on set earlier this year and found the passion for this project to be infectious. Director Wes Ball’s calling card, the short film Ruin, shows exactly why he was picked to take on the project and from each new trailer, and now this clip, there emerges a clearer picture of how Ball is tackling James Dashner’s popular book.

In our Summer Preview section we highlighted how we expect The Maze Runner to set itself apart and there’s no doubting that, through a keen eye for marketing and an enthusiastic editor, the trailers prove there will be some great scenes here. Whether the high mystery is enough to sustain the entire film is something we’re waiting to see.

Here’s your clip,