Though the prequel/sequel to 2006’s 300 hasn’t yet found its male lead, with Joel Edgerton ultimately passing on the role after talk of his involvement, it looks like 300: Battle of Artemisia, previously titled Xerxes, is getting close to casting its female lead, with Eva Green entering negotiations for the role of Artemisia.

With the original film’s director Zack Snyder concentrating his attentions on the upcoming Superman film Man of Steel, we’ll instead see Smart People’s Noam Murro taking the helm for the prequel, and I’m interested to see his take on the stylistic action genre.

The battle at the core of Battle of Artemisia historically took place at the same time as that of the one in 300, so whether this is technically a sequel/prequel, or if a new word needs to be invented, I’m not sure. Either way, Eva Green is a terrific actress who seems to be deservedly rising at the moment, and having her closing in on the leading female role is brilliant news in my books.

She’s best known for her role opposite Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, and was seen this year in Perfect Sense opposite Ewan McGregor, and provided negotiations go well, she’ll be diversifying her credits a little with the role planned for her:

“Green would play a ruthless, gold-covered goddess who persuades Xerxes to amass his army and helps lead them into battle.”

Pretty awesome. We’ll next get to see Green starrin gin Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows alongside Johnny Depp, due out on 11th May next year. Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are hoping to put this into production in first few months of 2012, so with a bit of luck, we’ll be getting more casting news in the near future, including the equally important male lead. The original film went a long way to boosting Gerard Butler’s career, and Battle of Artemisia could well be a further launching pad for both Green and her future male co-lead in the years to come.

Source: THR.