We're no strangers to mystery. Filmmakers and studios have always found a great way to introduce something new to the world with a flourish of mystery.

Back in 2007 as Michael Bay's first Transformers film was making explosive waves across the world there was a particular trailer attached to the film which instantly grabbed the attention. There was no name, just a release date of 1-18-08, and some incredible camcorder footage of New York under attack from something unseen. It was a stroke of genius from Producer JJ Abrams and Cloverfield rode the wave of mystery and attention to great acclaim.

Now there's something new, and we want you to get involved and take a look at a new video of some unexplained footage purporting to be evidence of a coming alien invasion. Look closer however and there's something very strange about this footage.

Another piece of the puzzle comes into play when you search for the hashtag #WINNERTAKEEARTH, it's an ominous sign that there's more at stake here than a simple patch of land in East London. The sudden appearance has all the hallmarks of evidence of an extra-terrestrial arrival. What is not clear, and what has a panicked public looking for answers, is the nature of their intentions… Are they here to help, to invade. Or are they just playing games with us…



Keep your eyes to the skies, see if you spot any other mysterious circles pop up, the answer, and the truth, is out there.


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