Recently, HeyUGuys had to chance to check out Bushwick Beats, an independent film, that premiered at the Down Town LA Film Festival. It’s an unusual film with some great talent, that is well worth checking out.

There’s a story in everyone, right? Each of us must deal with the problems and challenges of life that daily face us as part of the human condition. This film is a celebration of the power, strength, resilience and joy of the human spirit. The six different stories allow us to experience the seemingly, impossible difficulties of six very different fellow human beings by whom we are inspired as unconditional love conquers all.

Bushwick is a vibrant, multicultural area of of a modern era Brooklyn and each of our main characters lives here, although they don’t necessarily come across each other. There are six different, up and coming, (with some well on their way!) young directors and writers so it can be expected that the stories are very individual and stylistically very different from each other. However, it is the neighbourhood of Bushwick that somehow links them all together with its background of street art and cramped apartments and then shots of the rooftops from high above reminding us of the drama that goes on in life, with our neighbours, so close to us yet still very far apart. The film reminds us that we are not alone and makes us even more aware of the power of love.

I’m not going to spoil the movie by telling you bits about each of the short films. Each is very different from the others, delightfully unexpected; and that is an important aspect of the enjoyment of Bushwick Beats.

The film features a cast of established actors including: Britt Baron, Henny Russell, Britne Oldford , Marlene Ginader, Mugga, Nadia Dajani, Mugga, Hazelle Goodman, Keenan Jolliff and Max Baker .

Cudos must be given to each of the talented, young directors and writers for meeting the challenges of this unique film in their own way.