Over at the Rian Johnson forums there is a really interesting post by ‘sarahalyse’ which collects a variety of posters for The Brothers Bloom from around the world. You can visit the forum and see the post here.

This is particularly interesting as the original US poster for The Brothers Bloom was pretty poor and probably had a negative impact on the success of the film as it didn’t reflect the film very accurately and may have put people off. The poster for a film is often the first piece of marketing that anyone sees and is therefore often the first time the general public is made aware of a film and it can represent a very important first impression.

We posted the UK poster here when it was first released (you can also see it above) and this is a vast improvement on the official US poster, better conveying the tone of the film and what to expect. Rian Johnson himself has expressed his preference for the UK poster over the US one (see here).

Looking at the various posters below it is fascinating that they differ so greatly and the differing impressions of the film they give. Click on the thumbnails in the gallery below to see the full posters and let us know what you think.

We really love The Brothers Bloom at HeyUGuys and can highly reccommend you check it out when it finally hits UK theatres on June the 4th.