Heaven only knows who signs off on these films. I’m not aware of many people who were wildly enthused about the first sequel, let alone a further film featuring two guys dressing up as breathtakingly unconvincing ¬†women.

Anyway, like it or not we now have a trailer for Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son, which finds Martin Lawrence having to go undercover with his step-son (Tropic Thunder’s Brandon T Jackson) at an all girls school. Cue lots of “nutcracker” jokes, blows to the crotch and a big fat guy flirting with Lawrence during a game of Twister.

“Aw, Hell No!” manages to be a quote from the film, a suitable tag line for any poster and in all likelihood, my full-length review come next February’s release date.

We have the trailer below if you have a masochistic streak. We’ll leave it to you as to whether you take a shower and scrub your retinas afterwards.

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