BEnedict CumberbatchWe’ve had interviews with the Producers and Writers of Star Trek Into Darkness but I think it’s time to kick off with some interviews from the cast members starting with the man we’ve seen at the centre of all the posters, John Harrison played by the fabulous Benedict Cumberbatch.

James Kleinmann sits down to chat with Cumberbatch to talk about his role, what he thought of Star Trek before taking on the part and what he thought about the previous Abrams movie. He admits that he was more into Star Wars than he was Star Trek but talks about John Harrison, who he is, why he thinks Harrison acts the way that he does and what he enjoyed most about playing the role.

Star Trek Into Darkness is released May 9th in the UK and if you’ve missed our coverage so far, you can click right here to catch up.

You can also see the stars, Mr. Cumberbatch included, in our gallery from the London Premiere here.