Toy Story 3Another image from the third installment of Disney Pixar’s Toy Story has been released via Empire Online. The image shows all the gang that we’ve come to know and love. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen both return voicing Woody and Buzz Lightyear with all our favourites from the previous two movies.  We know that there are going to be quite a few new characters but as yet we’re not sure who.

Empire give us a little more information:

In this shot, all the toys – bar Woody and Buzz – have been boxed up, presumably ready for the ride to their new home, where complications will arise, in the form of over-friendly, unrestrained kids and a parade of new toys, not all of whom have friendly intentions…

Toy Story 3 is released in both 3d and 2d 23rd July and just like everyone else on the entire planet, we can’t wait to see it! If you need a reminder of what happened in the 2nd movie, you’ll be pleased to hear that Disney / Pixar are releasing it back in cinemas for a limted run in 3d! You can find out more information here.

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