We are pleased to share an exclusive first look poster for the Argentinian coming-of-age film ‘A Trip To The Moon’.

The first full-length feature from Argentine writer/director Joaquin Cambre is a coming of age story via the path of magical realism, unrequited love, school pressures and a chaotic family paired with childhood trauma.

The cast is made up of Ángelo Mutti Spinetta, Leticia Brédice, Germán Palacios, Ángela Torres and Luis Machín.

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The film is out in cinemas March 22nd. Here’s the new poster,


A Trip To The Moon Synopsis

Teenager Tomas is struggling with exams at school and instead focuses on his love of astronomy and a fixation with his older teenage neighbour, Iris, who he first spies through his telescope.

Due to an early childhood trauma,  the pressures of unrequited love, and the anti psychotic medication that he has been prescribed by his psychiatrist, Tomas’s life begins to spin out of control, and, in his desire to escape reality, the only way out for him is to take a trip to the Moon, a trip where fact and fiction mingle and leads to the uncovering of an old family secret.