Word out of Sundance concerning Joel Schumacher’s teen drug bonanza Twelve wasn’t overwhelming and now those of us who weren’t there have a chance to see what all the fuss, or not, is about.

The Playlist pointed us to the new trailer for the film which stars Chace Crawford, Mary Jane-in-waiting Emma Roberts and Keifer Sutherland and having watched this one a few times I’m still not entirely clear what or who this film is about, save the premise that there’s murder and drugs on the agenda.

Schumacher’s Batman fuelled fall from grace may have hurt his career but the man has no problem attracting funding and star names onto his projects, and though Twelve is a relatively low budget enterprise Nick McDonell’s novel about rich kids on drugs may draw in the Twilight averse as it is being released against the third Twilight film – Eclipse.

Odd trailer to end the holiday weekend, but why not check it out for yourself?

Here’s the trailer…