The HeyUGuys Film Show Interview: Rupert Evans on World Without End

The HeyUGuys Film Show Interview: Rupert Evans on World Without End


Rupert EvansAs part of our new film show over here at HeyUGuys, we are going to interview an array of talented actors and actresses and try and get some inside knowledge on what life is really like from within the industry, and the first to sit down and have a cup of tea (and a bagel) with us, is Hellboy star Rupert Evans.

Evans, 35, has managed his career thus far between film and television, with starring roles in features such as Agora and Elfie Hopkins, while he can currently be seen in Channel 4 series World Without End – a medieval drama based on the hugely successful Ken Follett novel.

Evans discusses his part of Godwyn in the show, working amongst such a high profile cast, how quickly he judges a script, while he also tells us of his enjoyment at playing the bad guy.

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You can find out more on World Without End on the Channel 4 website.

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    Enjoyed the interview but there was no need for the intrusive music.