New Green Lantern Banner Brings The Green

New Green Lantern Banner Brings The Green

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Green Lantern Banner 220x150 New Green Lantern Banner Brings The GreenGreen Lantern seems to have done itself the world of good with its more recent publicity output, allaying fears that it was too light-hearted, too flimsy to compete with the summer’s other big comic book releases.

The recent trailer has succeeded in putting out of our minds the inherent silliness that seemed to be bedevilling the earlier clips and now we have a suitably serious and iconic banner for the film, showing the veritable army of ring-wielding heroes to be presented to us in all their CG-augmented glory, come June 17th.

I am happy to admit that I have changed my tune on this one. It had all looked a little ridiculous earlier in the year, but it now seems to be coming together nicely. I guess it goes to show that a studio hurrying to put out publicity material that is less than fully-formed can do more harm than good.

Enjoy the banner below, courtesy of Coming Soon and let us know in the comments whether you’re convert to Green Lantern or not.

Green Lantern Banner 585x350 New Green Lantern Banner Brings The Green