Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may have failed to resonate with critics (it also suffered from a fairly significant drop at the box office during its second weekend), but with it shaping up to be a massive hit for Warner Bros., you can understand why they’re still forging ahead with the DC Films Universe. Now, two more movies have been added to their slate.

We don’t know what those are, but they’ve still been dated for October 5th, 2018 and November 1st, 2019. While it’s a safe bet that one of those is Ben Affleck’s long rumoured solo Batman movie, the other could very well be there for a Wonder Woman or Suicide Squad sequel depending on how successful those end up being. Of course, it’s always possible that Man of Steel 2 is on the way or even something like Booster Gold or Legion of Superheroes.

Talking of Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. also announced today that the release date for that movie has been moved from June 23rd, 2017 to slightly earlier on June 2nd that same year.

In other release date news, Andy Serkis’ take on The Jungle Book has been pushed back from next October to October 19th, 2018. With Jon Favreau’s version currently receiving rave reviews, putting some distance between these two releases is probably a wise move.