Channing Tatum in White House DownAlthough we’re currently gearing up for the impending release of Olympus Has Fallen, it’s another film about a terrorist attack on the White House that has caught our attentions this evening, and HeyUGuys were fortunate enough to be in attendance at a special footage screening of Roland Emmerich’s White House Down, starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, with the former present and answering our questions at this special central London event.

With a live satellite link to both Emmerich and Foxx live in New York – the German director introduced the footage to us, as we witnessed eight minutes of the film, previously unseen by British audiences. The footage itself is more a summary of events as opposed to one scene in its entirety, appearing more as an elongated trailer if you will – and our first impressions are that of excitement ahead of the films September 6 release here in the UK. If you’re worried about this bearing spoilers, fear not, there weren’t any on show.

Update: The new trailer has just arrived and it’s up here.

Tatum plays John Cale, visiting the White House with his daughter Emily (Joey King) to apply for a job as a member of the secret service, however during his tour, he gets separated from Emily as a group of terrorists infiltrate the building and as Cale manages to get hold of the President James Sawyer (Foxx), the pair must fight their way out of danger – as Cale is not only attempting to save the life of his daughter who is being held captive, but ensure the President is kept safe.

White House Down looks like relentless action from start to finish, and with a strong cast also consisting of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Richard Jenkins, it promises to be one of Emmerich’s most action packed and compelling titles since Independence Day. The film also bears a resemblance to films such as Die Hard. In fact, it actually appears more like a member of the aforementioned franchise than the latest offering. It’s safe to say we’re certainly looking forward to seeing this one in full.

Meanwhile, such optimism for the project seems to be shared by the director himself, as Emmerich, speaking to us live from New York, is evidently proud of his upcoming project, speaking of a positive test screening a week prior to this evening’s event.

“This movie is mainly an action movie so for me it was not something I had done for a long time. It’s about the characters and their chemistry and the story you’re telling and to keep it real, you know.

“I test this movie a week ago and it was the loudest screening I’ve had actually since Independence Day, people laugh, clap and they’re just like so into it, they’re mainly into it because they believe the characters and like the characters,”

he said.

Jamie Foxx, who plays the President of America, tells us that his role is not in any way based on Obama.

“I’m not playing President Obama, but there are certain times when I do give you some Obama. It’s definitely not him but we sort of made our own thing.”

He also spoke highly of the atmosphere and spirit on set. “I haven’t seen the film but there are moments when we laughed out loud even in spite of the terrorism.”

Tatum – who we were fortunate enough to have just a few feet away from us, was in good spirits when fielded questions by host Alex Zane and the London audience, and he discusses working alongside Foxx.

“Jamie is a mentor, a big brother and by far one of the most talented individuals I’ve been around, never mind been lucky enough to have worked with. He has taught me an insane amount.”

Tatum, who was alongside his wife Jenna Dewan – currently carrying the couple’s first child, spoke of his experience playing a father for the first time on screen, and how he hopes it may help prepare him for the real thing. “It was scary because I’m about to be a dad, but it was fun as it gave me a nine year look into the future and what that craziness is going to be like,” he said. “Whatever we have, boy or girl, I’m definitely going to have an hour long secret handshake.”

And finally, when asked by a member of the audience who Tatum thought was the sexiest man in the world, he responded

“Ah man, I gotta work with these guys. Erm, it truly isn’t because I just worked with him, but Jamie is so talented and he is wildly sexy. Wildly sexy.”

White House Down is released in the UK September 6th.