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An hour or so ago, I got off the phone with someone who was talking to me about something called UltraViolet (UV). I felt a little stupid as I had no idea what she was talking about and assumed it was a movie that I’d never heard of! As soon as the receiver on the phone was down, I asked Jon if he know what it was. He’d heard of it but knew next to nothing too so it was time to have a look and see what UV was all about. In fact on further research, Ben wrote an article talking about UltraViolet back in June last year and now, six months later, look how things have progressed!

After 10 minutes of research with Jon, I discovered that the new ‘UltraViolet’ video on demand service is potentially set to become the standard when it comes to watching purchased movies in the home or on the move. Since I had never heard of UV before, I came to the conclusion that many of you out there wouldn’t have come across it yet either and decided that a post needed to be written telling you all about it so read on as this thing could be the future!

The sections are as follows:

What is UltraViolet?

If you look on the official website it will tell you that UV is a service that will ‘set your entertainment free’! What the heck that means I have no idea but here’s official blurb with a bit more info:

UltraViolet is a free, online Digital Library that gives you greater flexibility with how and where you watch the movies and TV shows that you purchase. When you buy a movie or TV show from a participating retailer, it’s automatically added to your UltraViolet Library and you have options to stream it over the internet, download it for offline viewing, or get a copy on DVD. Because UltraViolet offers so many viewing choices, you have greater freedom to choose where you want to watch – on a mobile device, computer, television, game console, etc.

You may have seen Blu-rays in your local shops or own some that are Triple-Play. Many people I speak to still don’t know what the means but basically, it will contain a Blu-ray disc, a DVD and a digital copy. I have never copied the digital copy to my computer mainly as it takes up so much space that i don’t want to clog up and i don’t always have room on my iPhone to copy the movie over. I now have in excess of 100 Blu-rays, many of which are Triple-play and copying all the digital copies over would require another hard drive which I’m not prepared to buy. UV is different as it will allow you to stream the movie to your devices using Wi-Fi.

This will begin to start imminently with the service launching two days ago. At the moment, the only title that we’ve found that is actually available is Final Destination 5 which is where the screenshot above comes from. Click here to see it on Amazon who have also added this text telling you it connects through Flixster.

Please note that the digital copy contained within this product is an Ultraviolet™ Digital Copy. UltraViolet™ Digital Copy makes your movie accessible through Flixster. Download or instantly stream (via Wi-Fi) to your computer, as well as compatible iOS and Android devices.

How do I add my new Titles to UltraViolet?

This is probably my favourite thing about the whole system. We’re buying more and more movies online and now, when you buy the movie, online retailers will connect the purchase together with your UV account and the title will be automatically added. This will then allow you to stream your movie to your UV enabled device whether that be TV, iOS or Android enabled device wherever you’re able to get an internet connection.

I haven’t seen this actually working yet but I assume that UltraViolet will be connected to services like Amazon or iTunes so that when you make a purchase, your UV account is tied to the sales checkout system somehow. For purchasing hard copies, there will be instructions on how to add the title in each pack. My guess is some sort of unique code or putting the disc into your DVD Rom or web enabled DVD player will allow you to connect to the UV system.

One downside to this seems to be getting your old titles or movies that you’ve bought onto the UV system. No one is going to go through their entire library to get them all added again but maybe they’ll figure out a way to do it, there may already even be one!

BD-ES6000 UV Enabled

What Devices will UltraViolet Work on?

At the moment, UltraViolet only works on PC but on their website, they make it clear that iPhone, iPad and Android devices will be available imminently. But, manufacturers like Samsung have already started making UV  / web enabled Blu-ray players that will automatically allow you to connect your account to the player so all you do is put the disc into the player for it to be registered onto your account. Clever!

Here’s a link to an article on The Verge that will give you more info for the Samsung BD-ES6500 and BD-ES6000. We’ll no doubt in due course hear of more companies bring out UV enabled devices as the service becomes more prominent.

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