Just a couple of days ago, Gary and I were talking about who might appear in the Expendables sequel after finding out that it’s pretty much a dead cert to happen. Definitely on my list of people I’d love to appear is Wesley Snipes and hopefully this news might make my wish may come true.

Wesley Snipes has been cast in new (probably straight to DVD) movie, Havana Heat.

According to Empire, the story centres on a Homeland Security agent who is murdered while undercover in Havana, and the investigation which follows that death.

It will star Joseph Lawrence, Michael Dudikoff, Heath Herring, Zulay Henao, Lorena Rincon, Raul Julia Jr. and Nicolas Brown and will start shooting in November.

Now all we need is Sylvester Stallone to give him a shout and get the wheel in motion!

Thanks to the ever awesome Helen O’Hara from Empire for the heads up.