Whether you agree with the 3Dification of cherished classics the chance to see films such as Beauty and the Beast back on the big screen is too good to pass up and if you missed it first time around this new trailer will enchant and entice in equal measure.

Making the most of the celebrated ballroom sequence this trailer obviously losing a lot of its impact shorn of its vital third dimension but it’s still a fine trailer, and one which adds a tease of the short film which will proceed the main event – Tangled Ever After.

If you missed the reveal of the film’s poster do check it out here. If this film does as well as the recent 3D re-release of The Lion King then it’s certain that other classics will find themselves given a fresh lick of dimensionalisation (that is a word) and thrown back into cinemas.

Yahoo Movies gave this is up to the world, and we bow with grateful thanks.