You may have all been wowed by the stunning looking Watchdogs trailer that blew us all away at this years E3. If, like me you’ve been watching it over and over you may have noticed at around the 2.50 mark Aiden Piece enters an art exhibition and walks past a waiter wearing a QR cube type mask. Now, I’ve been using all my Photoshop skills to try to make this QR code readable for with little success. I’m perhaps not as good as I thought I was. So It was left to gabodrag on Reddit to do the honours and managed to enlarge the QR code large enough to scan.

So, What do you get if you scan the code on your smart phone? Something quite cool actually. You get taken to a dotconnexion website which shows a video of the club where the exhibition takes place in the trailer, Only this time it’s empty. You can also apply for email notifications regarding tickets to the Dotconnexions Show. Now, I’m not sure if this will be a real show, but it’s a nice touch anyway. And there is also a looping video clip of the man himself DiMarco

Check it out for yourself by hitting the link or scanning the above picture on your smart phone