It may well be The Hildebrand Rarity, or it may be Property of a Lady, or they may pick the enigmatic Risico if they want it to sound like a long-forgotten Vauxhall model, but in a few short hours we’ll learn the title, and hopefully the cast, of Bond24.

The last time this happened we were introduced to Skyfall, and cast members Javier Bardem, Naomie Harris and Ralph Fiennes in a spectacular return for the long-lost secret agent. The financial turbulence which, for a good while, obscured the path Bond and his adventures might take is gone, and the critical success of Skyfall bodes extremely well for the future.

So, all eyes are on this very announcement and returning director Sam Mendes. They set a very high bar with Skyfall and rumours of Christoph Waltz’s appearance as Ernst Stavro Blofeld may be greatly exaggerated, but they are certainly exciting.

Let’s find out together. Counting down to 11AM GMT…