A reboot of Tomb Raider has been in development since 2011, but it appears as if work is finally moving ahead on the movie as Warner Bros. has now joined MGM and producer Graham King to co-finance, co-produce, and distribute the release. The project has also landed a writer in the form of Evan Daugherty.

He has a very varied background with writing credits on everything from Divergent to Snow White and the Huntsman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the upcoming G.I. Joe 3. Do any of those make him right for this new take on Lara Croft? It’s hard to say, but the fact that Tomb Raider has a writer is a good sign.

Angelina Jolie starred in the 2001 and 2003 movies which grossed a total of over $430 million worldwide.

This version of Tomb Raider will focus on a much younger version of the iconic video game character though, with the focus being on her first adventure. It’s also said that the movie has been put on the fast track, so hopefully news of a director and leading lady will reach at some point in the coming months.

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