The first reviews are finding their way online for The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn and it’s a generally positive reception for a film which comes to us from two masters of modern popular cinema. If you’re curious then click here to read Ben’s take on the film.

THR sat down with the pair to talk about their collaboration and their love of the story and the new technology which helped bring this version of Herge’s celebrated boy-wonder to the big screen. Certainly when the Blu-ray is released there’ll be lots of interesting behind the scenes stuff to dive into, not least on the technology side of things, but also to see how the two worked on a day by day basis.

We here in the UK get Tintin on the 26th of October while the US have to wait until the 21 December to join in on the fun. The earlier release date here is nice and all, but remember that the States get The Muppets in a month while we have to wait until February next year to indulge ourselves. Both sides of the Atlantic are calling for simulataneous worldwide releases right now.

Here’s the