Beautiful, rich people will always propel a certain number of stories in our multiplexes. WB are hoping that on the 27th of February their latest great-on-paper caper will prove that notion right.

For in Focus directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa have cast Will Smith and Margot Robbie to play their con-artist couple, in and out of love and in and out of scraps with the law and other, less law-abiding, elements.

Here we have the full press conference video with stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie answering crucial questions thrown at them by the baying press pack.

On Suicide Squad:
  • How David Ayer is working with them each on their characters
  • That they have not seen the script
  • How Deadshot & Harley Quinn will be working together
  • When shooting on the film starts
  • How Deadshot and Hancock differ, or not…
  • The intrigue in the dubious morality of the team
Here’s your video.

Bonus Video Content

Yesterday the non-premiere premiere happens in Leicester Square and Cassam Looch spoke directly at Mr. Will Smith, you can see that below.