sin_cityAfter years of being nothing more than a dangling carrot, it seems that Sin City 2 is finally moving forward.  While there isn’t a ton of information about it, reports that Producer Stephen L’Heureux confirmed that production is to start in the latter half of 2010.  The difference between the first film and the sequel however, is the sequel will be based on original material written by Frank Miller.

It’s been 4 years since Sin City was released and in that time talk of a sequel has been heard over and over but it’s been nothing more than tentative speculation.  It seems like now there is more than a shred of hope that part 2 will actually happen.  Good news for the fans who have waited patiently.  Let’s just hope that by the time it makes it to theaters it won’t be too late.

For fans of Frank Miller, another one of his graphic novels is being developed as well.  Hard Boiled is on deck to be adapted for film as well.  This one may be a ways off however due to Sin City 2.  It’ll be a while before this one makes it to the screen.

You can check out the full story at  /Film also posted a piece that talks about it as well as the logistics of getting Miller and Robert Rodriguez back together to direct.

We’ll keep you updated with information as we get it.