Be afraid. Be very afraid. Here are the US and international posters (via IMP Awards) for the new Adam Sandler comedy, Jack and Jill.

Yep, for those out there who don’t feel like you get your bang for bucks during a normal Sandler comedy, The Waterboy star plays the dual role of identical twins. Jack is a successful advertising executive in LA whose zany sister from the Bronx, Jill, comes to visit and proves to be a nightmare to get rid of. Al Pacino (yes, AL PACINO!) co-stars as himself, presumably giving himself the De Niro Rocky and Bullwinkle, Little Fockers-style career make-under.

These posters wouldn’t have looked out of place on the wall of Sandler’s character’s mansion in Funny People alongside those imaginary, seriously below-par films which were being parodied. Depressing.