While our editor Dave is reeling excitedly from a whole day with the Tron: Legacy team Disney have confirmed when we can expect to see the much anticipated Daft Punk score in stores, virtual or otherwise.

As well as speaking to the cast and crew of Tron: Legacy Dave got to hear some of the music and score and tells me it’s as good as you’d expect and you only have another couple of months until you can enjoy the score in its entirety.

Here are the main points of the release from Disney:

The highly anticipated original motion picture score for TRON: Legacy, composed and produced by the iconic and critically acclaimed Grammy® Award–winning French duo Daft Punk, will be released by Walt Disney Records on Monday, November 22, 2010. Presented in Disney Digital 3D™, Walt Disney Pictures’ “TRON: Legacy” hits U.S. theaters on December 17, 2010, in Disney Digital 3D™ and IMAX® 3D.

Having grown up with admiration of Disney’s groundbreaking original 1982 film TRON, Daft Punk took on the scoring of the next chapter of the story with extraordinary thought and precision. The duo assembled a symphony of one hundred world class musicians in London and recorded the orchestra at AIR Lyndhurst Studios, Britain’s premier scoring facility.

We understand that director Joe Kosinski was over in London last week to oversee (or just enjoy) the recording of the score and he and his team will be traveling to Skywalker Ranch very soon to mix the film in advance of its rapidly approaching release date of December the 17th.

Here’s everything we’ve got related to Tron: Legacy and keep your eyes on the site as we’ll have some truly splendid Tron related goodness over the coming weeks.