G2 Pictures have sent over the first look at their new movie, Fortress of War which is released on DVD and Blu-ray 5th September. As you’ll see when you watch it, it looks like a Russian version of Saving Private Ryan with seemingly no expense spared on effects.

The film is directed by Alexander Kottnd stars Andrey Merzlikin, Veronika Nikonova and Pavel Derevyanko. Have a read of the synopsis below and scroll down for the trailer where I’ve also placed some new stills. You can order your copy of the movie here. We’ll have a review up for you in the coming days / weeks.


Fortress of War tells the story of the heroic defence of the Brest fortress in Belarus that was assaulted by the Nazi’s on the morning of June 22nd 1941. Totally outnumbered in soldiers and weapons, the citizens of Brest fought to the bitter end for twenty-nine endless days. The events that took place in the first days of the invasion are depicted with documentary accuracy, the characters are real. Featuring unique footage of that time and the involvement of the few veterans who survived the battle, Fortress of War is a large scale war saga depicting a heart-wrenching story of bravery and self-sacrifice. The spirit of the film is best summed up by the legend scrawled on the wall of one of the vaults: “I WILL DEFEND TO THE DEATH!”